Thinking about openSUSE

Good afternoon fella’s.

I have decided to get back into Linux.
I started with SUSE when I was 14 (I’m now 19) and loved it, although I quickly switched to Debian and have been using Ubuntu since it’s PR. Recently I purchased a new computer and have installed Windows XP on it (for gaming.) I also left some space for a Linux partition.

Today I installed the latest Ubuntu and boy it’s unstable on my new PC. It freezes like mad! I’m thinking of switching to openSUSE because it’s a much more professional setup IMO. I am curious on what you fella’s think I should install on my computer - what set up would be best on my system:

AMD Phenom 940 X4 Black Edition
ASUS M2N68-VM Mobo
2x 2GB Sticks of 400mhz DDR2 RAM with heatspreaders
nVidia 9600GT 2GB
680 Watt Power Supply
ACER AL1715 LCD Monitor (1280x1024)

I would really like to run a 64bit OS on this system!
Would the latest openSUSE be a good choice? I would like to get it up and running ASAP which is why I don’t want to
use Ubuntu. It seemed getting it running would be extra tedious.

I look forward to your comments and to getting back into the Linux communities!



go 64 bit, i have it works just fine. mind you, your milage may vary on the stability issue. this varies a bit on each distro.
there shouldnt be any issue with your hardware.

welcome back to the fun of suse…

I know this reply is a bit LATE!

Who knows what you may be using now, but I wanted to give you my two cents worth…

I have to use PC Laptops for work. The Company I represent has a custom made program that currently ONLY works on XP. So if you want to use and have on-line access to their system you must purchase, from them, one of these overpriced notebook PC’s.

Almost ten years ago, purchased my first MacBook and liked it a lot!!

I could NOT use it for work, but I’m into digital photography and it was great for that.
That along with the infamous blue screen of death, viruses, bugware and malware got me to walk away from Windows.
I now ONLY use it only for work and ONLY because I get paid WELL!
My Panasonic Toughbooks have Windows/Linux partitioned hardrives and I have one that has no Windows at all, ONLY OpenSuse Linux.

It was the Geniuses at my local Apple Store that turned me on to Linux.
I started with RedHat 6 or 7??, then after they went ENTERPRISE I switched to Mandrake, then Discovered and liked SuSE. (I think it was version 7 or 8?).

Yes, I like Debian’s philosophy and would like to get into it someday, but they are pretty hard core, you have to know what you are doing.
I have tried and like Kubuntu, I think there is a LOT more support and Debian software packs for it.

But for professionalism, stability, dependability and my current needs, you can’t beat the OpenSuse bunch! (and having Novell behind them can’t hurt.)

I wish you lot’s of luck and WELCOME back to SuSE.

Stay in touch, you will find they are a great bunch here.

See yah!


I Might be way late on the reply, but i have used SUSE since the early 7.0 edition and i will never go to windows. the support on this forum is the best of any,anywhere. you will always get the help you need. and for stability SUSE is the best to use, the enterprise edition is the best with NOVELL behind the wheel. welcome back and have a lot of fun…