Thinking about openSUSE more

I posted a thread on 22/11/2008, saying I was using Ubuntu, but wondering about openSUSE. First of all: thank you to everyone who responded with comments which I have found helpful and encouraging.
Since November, I stayed with Ubuntu for a short while, then I tried Kubuntu, then Ubuntu again, then Mint, then Fedora, then back to Mint! They are all good distros, but I was never happy with them, for some reason.
So I finally thought, what the hell, and tried openSUSE on live CD.
I feel like I’ve finally come home. I now have openSUSE installed on my laptop and I LOVE IT!
I’m using Gnome and I know the software is the same as on other distros, but openSUSE just feels better.
I’m sticking with this one and my learning curve can now begin properly!

Dude we are really rockin’ ! And kde4 is monumental.

Yes, kde4 is wonderful, and openSUSE has the best (complete) repositories supporting kde4, better than Ubuntu which I’m trying right now :stuck_out_tongue: , and it’s not so great.
I don’t know why people like ubuntu that much…

Oh yes i know this safe feeling with openSUSE…:wink:

Well, I use Ubuntu through VirtualBox on my Mac. and I use openSUSE on my Desktop. And I find them verry similar except for YaST, Zypper, The “Start-Menuuish thingy”
But I just feel different in openSUSE.
I think it’s that openness

I use opensuse because opensuse and thinkpad are a good combo

Welcome to our little forum:)
It’s very good to here that you are enjoying Opensuse!
We’re a helpful bunch here & remember as you’re learning Linux there are no stupid questions,but they are the easiest to answer.
One more thing we have another forum here:
OpenSUSE, Suse Linux Help and Support Forums - SUSEUnbound

for me it has always been the polish of OpenSuse.

Dear DeePee I feel your pain. I’ve tried Ubuntu (or however you spell it), Mint, Kubuntu (mistake)and tried Open SuSE. You’re right; it does feel like I’m finally home.

With Unbuntu AND Kubuntu, their software shut down on me all the time and to be honest, even though I could change the background, didn’t like the brown “natural” thing they had going on.

With Mint, it couldn’t find my internet and it crashed on me so often that…well, let’s just say it wasn’t helpful. Another thing is, is that it totally messed up my screen and the picture was never right.

Anyhoo, gotta love the Lizard (or chameleon or Komodo Dragon)! lol!