Think about buying a opensource router-wlan-accesspiont

Hi… I have a Question.
I think about buying a new router and i would like to use a opensource router. How can i install opensource network-software on it?
What software should i use?

The router will be a:
Linksys WRT54GL, Wireless Router 54Mbit/s, Linux
Netgear WGR614L Wireless Router 802.11g 54MBit/s, LINUX

Go to the websites of dd-wrt or openwrt and see what hardware they support, the features of the releases, then follow their instructions to flash the OS of your choice onto the router.

Be careful of the version number and exact model of the router. For example, in
the WRT54G line, Linksys used Linux as the OS through V4. For V5 and later, they
switched and reduced the amount of memory so that it got more difficult. If you
can still find a WRT54GL, it still runs Linux and is a candidate for openWRT, etc.

Ok thanks i will look around on this distros…:wink: