things run better under wine than win

hi all,
i have this game (Heroes Of The Pacific) that refuses to run on vista so i booted into suse mounted /dev/sda2 and wined the program and voila it runs much better same with coral draw select

That’s cool.

Kim (8/6/2009 9:04:02 AM Mountain)

Did you try running it under “compatibility mode?” Prolly not…

Not unusual
I find wine way better these days. And stuff installs a whole lot quicker too!

Compatibility mode doesn’t always work either. I had a Sony Walkman MD player that had software that refused to run in vista as well. I tried installing in compatibility mode and running in compatibility mode and neither worked.

It didn’t work under wine either though.

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The WINE team have made some fantastic leaps forward in the last year, it’s very impressive.

some of my programs work better, some worse, some not at all. game compatibiliy is the only thing preventing me from uninstalling windows but the way wine is going i dont think its just a fantasy anymore.

kgroneman, im browsing this forum from my phone and i actually tried to flick your avatar off my screen :smiley:

compatability mode admin every darn thing i could try it worked once… and now i can play it whenever and it rocks (better than it ever did on win!!!) now as soon as i can get a few more apps working i can wipe the disk and just have openSUSE!!!