Thermaltake Overseer RX-I docking station

I was wondering if anyone had any info on getting a sata docking station working. When I plug the sata drive into the docking station, I can hear it spin up, but it is not picked up [recognized] by device notifier. I have inquired at Thermaltake site, with no solution from them. Is this an OS/driver problem? Would the M/Board [Asus] site maybe be able to help? I use a usb 2.0 to sata adapter [for read/write on regular HDD’s that are not permanently installed] on opensuse 12.2 without any difficulties, but maybe that is different. Thank You

I use a Thermaltake BlacX with USB 2.0 and it works just fine, but not as a SATA hot swap device. Turn off the dock, plug in the hard drive, turn on the dock and reboot the computer. Take a look at the Device Notifier (in KDE) to mount it or add it to your /etc/fstab file with the nofail mount option to be mounted to a local folder.

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TY jdmcdaniel3 for replying.

The sata docking station is part of the chassis and connects directly to the m/board by a sata II cable to sata port. I do not see an ON switch anywhere on the chassis. It is meant to be a hot swap device. The HDD’s I want to use have been used in another opensuse 12.2 system and are in formatted in ext3/ext4.
This is the 1st time a piece of hardware has not ‘Just worked’ for me in openSUSE
When I plug an HDD into the docking station and it spins/powers up, is it part of the OS that 1st “sees” the HDD or does that happen at the EUFI level 1st? In the EUFI, I can make any sata port hot swapable. I think I have most of the ports swapable, but perhaps I should check and see if that solves it.

Indeed if you wanted to swap it in and out as SATA, hot swap would have to be enabled. My thoughts are, with drive installed, reboot the PC, check your BIOS setup to see if it is there. If not, its a driver/BIOS problem. If it is there, start openSUSE and add it through the YaST Partitioner adding in the nofail option. This is to determine if all works properly at all and if it does, you could then try swapping it in and out. If hot swapping does not work, but adding it in as a standard SATA does work, I must ask how often you expect to change this drive? A SATA connection is faster, but the USB solution I use does allow the drive to be mounted on the fly. I can’t say I have done this with a SATA connection with Hot Swapping enabled before in Linux.

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I went back to EUFI and ENABLED Hot Swap for the drive that I left in the docking station and proceeded to boot into openSUSE . The HDD showed up in Dolphin now and I was asked to give my password to access that HDD. Did so, and was able to manipulate data there. Seems to be OK at this time.
So I guess the answer is, it was in EUFI settings.

Thanks jdmcdaniel3

That is UEFI for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - Wikipedia…ware_Interface]). Happy to hear that enabling Hot Swapping in your PC UEFI setup was the answer.

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Whoops. Do I feel stupid. Sorry, for the spelling?] error. UEFI UEFI UEFI UEFI I am sure as I learn more about it, it will stick.

Thanks for your help in my docking station problem.