There's a Beautiful World Outside openSUSE Too... [aka Interesting Spots Around the Globe]

Hey US is always good.

I was there 7/112001…

Temp? +50

Minus -31C? Polar dogs and rocking

Yes, I was there 9/11 Several years later I was to pickup/clean from the…Site I’m not impressed. Oh a Hollywood movie. No comments. private photo.


The first picture is on my visit to the great Dostoevsky’s grave in St.Nevski monastery in st. Peterburg, Russia.

Early morning upon arrival to Moscow:

Visit to Tallinn, Estonia, a small fairy-tale capital in the northern Europe. On the same trip as Russia.

And a city i’d absolutely LOVE to live in one day, Helsinki:

One of my favorite places in the word is to travel from the cost up to Granada/Alhambra. Just sit and spend a day. Looking to the east and snow cowered mountains.
Feels good.
(the photos are my own).


Well _Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish) and I could get up and find that road signs as well as in my home town after a night.

Yes I’m perfectly well and work fine with Finnish.


Hehe, I have a funny urge of photographing more unorthodox scenery, like roads.

  • I make a lor of photos so when i later scroll through them, i can recreate every detail in my mind.

A picture of my leading dog from middle of 2000’s. Beck beer bottle he find on my yard. Mea culpa. It was a good time to have him chained outside. The ever smiling dog breeds is also fit in with family’s???

Penguins in real life and close to Antarctica way out of distance of ice bears…!!! Regards with a :stuck_out_tongue:

I was prepared whit a rifle (30.06) when my guide said… Here It takes quite a dog to survive. I wouldn’t take a hitch whiteout him in Siberia and polar bears.

If you ever know my friend:).

Thats fantastic, I love how they are sun bathing :slight_smile:

I’m a tree man (except for my interest in Linux and polar dogs). 1987 and Yosemite National Park California and me.

199xn and at my home, unusual to find that large and old pine tree when all trees was used as fire wood in the mine and then later feeding paper mills here.

2010 and at Stellenbosch outside Cape Town province in SA.

holden87? It took some time before I could come up with the memory and connect to a picture in my large private photo archive. Holden Commodore as a rental car during word around trip 1987 in down under. Hmm… A SSD upgrade for my brain lol! could not be wrong.

Hahaha :slight_smile: No, no, the nickname comes from this:

Anyway, from my trip to Portugal:

A view of the Dutch region Groningen, on the otherside of the water you can see Germany.

And the Americans complain why it is so hard to sell full-size wheels to Europe :).


Who say that it have to bee warm and shining sun outside to enjoy a barbecue?

With a large spark in my eyes lol! (photo late March I think).


Top one looks a bit burned :wink:

We are having a barbecue today. The beast has not woken yet though.

Please publish when the beast has woken:).

A picture from home and my “art-nest” house witch I write most of my post from(a upper flour is also exist). When there light comes on here it goes fast. 13 Apple trees. 3 pears treas. Raspberry’s, vine berry’s… All this flowers and the smell…

Disadvantage, -I have to cut the grass twice a week. Grrr:


Sunday, I upgraded VirtualBox to 4.3.12 on my main server and updated with new VirtualBox additions on my WM’s. Updated the varius WM’s as well. Backup fixed. Soo… Linux just works >:(for me. Oh I have some issues with it.

Fck, sht! I wish I was living nearer to the north pole or Antarctica, I have problem with my sleep because I can hear the grass growing during nights! No excuses left today but to cut the dam thing. Lucky me ;)that I have a quite large lawn mover(115cm cutting deck) and witch is equipped with a 90cm snow blower winter time.

With a spark…


Here’s a couple of pics from my mountaineering trip in Croatia these past few days.

Penguins in real life and close to Antarctica way out of distance of ice bears…!!!
Regards with a :stuck_out_tongue:

Are those African penguins at Boulders Beach? Very beautiful!