There's a Beautiful World Outside openSUSE Too... [aka Interesting Spots Around the Globe]

So, as I was thinking about building up some community feelgood, as this is general chitchat, which seems to be dieing out, I came up with a topic in which we could present the places we’ve been to, live at, or stumbled upon the internet, and which show how beautiful this mother earth and human intervention in it can be beautiful (intervention as in nice looking urban settlements).

So, let me start. In 2011 I decided to try out my next summer vacation near a lake instead of the seaside. So I made a long night’s trip to Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid. It’s one of the world’s oldest lakes, from the Pliocene epoch geotectonic depression, thus related to the Baykal and Tanganyika lakes. It boasts in exotic species.
It’s also one of the most important Slavic cultural spots, because St. Kliment, St. Cyril’s and Methodius’ most prominent disciple, spreading literacy throughout the Slavic world (basically one of the most important people because of which Slavs have their own written languages, schools etc.). He resided in a monastery near the coast of the lake.
The lake is great for swimming, as the water is not as hot as the Mediterranean, but also not cold, despite the high altitude of Ohrid (near 700 meters of elevation). The flora and fauna are typically mediterranean, despite being landlocked. And now for some pictures, taken by yours truly.
Lake Ohrid and it’s surroundings have been under UNESCOs protection since the seventies.

And a video:


And a video of a place I’m currently residing in:


Hamilton pool

Del Paine Cordilleras

Khakassia, Russia


New Zealand from a helicopter, shot with a Red Epic 5k camera.


Some awesome shots! I definitely don’t go anywhere a cool as those!

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Western Serbia

A lot of these look like they could be awesome wallpapers!

dragonbite: I find to be the best source for wallpapers. They have pics for many sizes and in hd.

Otherwise, places i’d like to visit during my lifetime:
Stone forest, Russia
Cephalonia, Greece

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Found these pictures of Alaska, looks nice.

Aurora Borealis:


Every day between 4pm and 7pm, residents of this Hanoi street have to clear up their market for the train to pass.

Aescher, Switzerland

Chichilianne, Rhone Alpes, France

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

32 restaurants with spectacular views around the globe.

I love that house in Switzerland… just wouldn’t want to have to walk up with the groceries :wink:

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>Chichilianne, Rhone Alpes, France

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