There is no update candidate for kernel-desktop-3.9.0-6.1.x86_64

I have an update ready:
snapshot1.png - Imgur

But when I press ‘apply’, it says:

There is no update candidate for kernel-desktop-3.9.0-6.1.x86_64

Here are my repos:
snapshot1.png - Imgur

The supported method for updating Tumbleweed is the dist-upgrade i.e. “zypper dup”. On Tumbleweed I would use Apper as a notifier, but not to do the updates. Apper does the equivalent of zypper up, which doesn’t do vendor change, but zypper dup does. It is possible to use YaST, but you need know precisely what you are doing. If you are on kernel 3.9.0, you don’t want to apply the update for the standard kernel.

PS. Did you follow exactly the Tumbleweed instruction page on the Wiki at, to install Tumbleweed? Portal:Tumbleweed - openSUSE

I followed this:

Remove all of the openSUSE version specific repositories. (ie: openSUSE_12.3/repo/oss)
run the one-click-install

I thought one-click-install would do everything needed for me. I see that I need to do

sudo zypper dup --from Tumbleweed

Should that be

sudo zypper dup --from openSUSE:Tumbleweed

for me? Or do I need openSUSE:Stable_OSS, Stable_Updates and Stable_non-OSS too?

Also if I try to do

zypper dup --from openSUSE:Tumbleweed

it says that there is a problem with kernel-desktop-3.7.10-1.1.1.x86_64
and there are 2 solutions:

  1. delete kernel-desktop-3.7.10-1.1.1.x86_64 and delete virtualbox-guest-kmp-desktop-4.2.6_k3.7.7_1.2-3.1.8.x86_64
  2. keep old kernel-desktop-3.7.10-1.1.1.x86_64
    Is it safe to use solution 1? Won’t it leave me without a kernel at all? What problems can be there with solution 2?

I agree with you, it should. I had a quick look at your link, as I have never used that. It appears to just set up the repos for you. Read the page from the link I gave you, follow the advice there (you have done the repo set up ), and do the first zypper dup. You can do it using the -D option (IIRC) for a dry run, it will report fully on the package installs/removals/updates, but won’t make the changes. If no apparent issues, repeat without that option.

Post back with any queries, there are quite few tumbleweeders here to help you get going. :slight_smile:

Please answer my previous question about --from and about deleting kernel.

Yes, use the names of your repos that were setup by the one-click.

Any lack of consistency between one-click and the Wiki page is just poor quality workmanship and inconsiderate to users. :\

Does that mean to use only one repo: openSUSE:Tumbleweed or all other repos (stable, stable_oss etc) which were mentioned on the Tumbleweed portal too?

The default for kernel updates on 12.3 is for multiple kernel support, and you should see that under the advanced line in grub2 menu when you have at least two levels installed. A plain zypper dup (without --from) should leave you with both kernels (test it first with the dry run option). If there are no other issues and you get both kernel versions, I would do the plain zypper dup.

Option 1. may be ok, but I think it will remove the older kernel, and you take a risk. I’ve always run Tw with multiple kernel support. Although I never had to go back to the older one, there is always a first time! :slight_smile:

Yes, just the one name for the --from option. You should read about using zypper, and zypper dup here: SDB Zypper usage 12.2

For zypper dup --from, you will need to read the “man page” for zypper.

To be clearer: for the initial case, just the one repo name for the “–from repo” option.

First I misunderstood zypper dup --from usage and used zypper dup --from openSUSE:Stable which led to around 300 packages being downgraded. Now I am trying to restore and update everything back, I used just zypper dup. I hope nothing will break.