there is no sound from a microphone in Skype. Help me, Please !

opensuse13.1(i386) with skype ( dynamic ) from the

Use - KDE. Fresh Install.

Launch Skype( version ). Test Call - from a microphone there is no sound in Skype. Please, Help me .


I Assume you run 64 bit OS??

There are some 32 bit packages you need.

Did you install via the RPM from skype?? Her it pulled in all that was needed

start skype from the command line it should tell you what is missing

I`m run 32 bit OS.
And use skype this and from this: ( I chose Skype for Linux , dynamix )

Oh I see choose the openSUSE package I know it says 12.1 but it works for higher versions also
and works fine here but I also run 64bit OS but that should not really matter