There is no login sound in 13.1


After installing 13.1 openSUSE (KDE), there is no login sound. I checked the sound settings, everything is okay. I am able to listen to any song.

How can it be rectified?


This has been answered a few times already.

KDE disabled the login and logout sounds by default in 4.11 (included in openSUSE 13.1).

You can configure this and all other notifications in “Configure Desktop”->“Application and System Notification”, the “Event source” for the login and logout sounds is “KDE Workspace”.

Oh well. I found it. Thanks.

Thanks wolfi323.

The start up sound used to annoy me and I was quite glad when they disabled it as standard. Miss it now and tried to switch it on the other week but couldn’t work out how to do this.

No pleasing everyone :slight_smile: I used to configure it to remain silent. I haven’t missed it since 4.11…

According to me, when we login, we should get a greeting that you are welcome to this system. I wanted to have this greeting. Especially I think when we go at any place, we are greeted with good messages and wishes. But its a personal choice, that I agree. Though one can replace the sound with the desired pleasing one, if he/she wishes.

I was wondering what happened to the login sound, but, wasn’t inspired enough to go searching. Thank you for the question, and, double thanks for the solution. It’s also nice knowing you can point to your custom ogg file in that same screen.

“We can use custom ogg file” is the fact, I came to know recently when I enable that sound for login. Because the folder where that ogg sound files resides also contained many other ogg files. I just thought we can place a new ogg file there and select as the desired login sound. This is a nice feature.

Of course, as with any of the system notifications via ‘System Settings’. KDE is very configurable.

You don’t have to place the files there (you need root permissions to do that).
You can in fact place them anywhere you like, in your home directory f.e. Just choose the right folder in the file selection dialog.

Okay well. I really didn’t know this. Thanks.