Theming Issue

Pretty new to Linux and first time using OpenSuse and KDE.
I wanted to be able to theme Yast as I had my other applications/folders etc. I was advised that I could use this kdesu systemsettings5 to open system settings as root, this worked, I could now theme yast.
However, I now have two separate themes going on - if I open system settings normally, I can only theme certain aspects, it won’t affect any root stuff like Yast, nor weirdly, will it effect application menus. If I open settings in root, again, the theming only takes place on certain things. I can no longer download themes when open system settings normally, without the terminal command - I just get a ‘File not Found’ error.

Solution? Or easy way to undo this?

Hi, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that your user and user root are two different users. Each with their own permissions and settings, as you have noticed. To remove root’s settings, do:

sudo rm -rf /root/.config

YaST’s theming will then be back to default.

Re. the menu: it’s one of the pieces of the plasma desktop that loads on login, and needs a logout - login to show theming / font changes.

Which terminal command are you talking about?

[HR][/HR]the command I used was kdesu systemsettings5

This allowed me to theme yast, but since when I restarted, my wallpaper got changed and my non root theming was changed and I can no longer download any themes from the ‘look and feel’ settings. ‘Could not Install file not found’
Granted, that might be unrelated, very annoying though.

Might just go to bed and hope it’s fixed tomorrow XD - spose I can always restore a snapshot if I need to.
I also used the follow command based on someones advice, not sure if that had anything do to with this: sudo cp ~/.config/kdeglobals /root/.config/

Mmmm. Looks like your settings are now partly owned by root. Can you create a new user and see if the problem exists for that new user, i.e. logout, login as the new user.

No, this didn’t change anything - well booted from a read-only snapshot, I’m assuming that’s the same? I dunno. I still can’t install themes, so I don’t know if there are just issues atm but…kinda lame.
I really wanna love OpenSuSe, but I keep having just niggling issues I shouldn’t be having

You’re assuming what’s the same?

If you’ve booted from a read-only snapshot then you won’t be able to make any changes - you need to rollback to that snapshot.

As an aside, and each to their own, I wouldn’t theme root’s applications the same as your normal user … keeping them different is a nice reminder you’re using an application with root privileges :wink: