this may be ridiculous,

…but is it possible to install a KDE theme into Gnome? Specifically from KDE-Look??

if so, what file to I put it in (via CL)???

Thanks in advance


What theme? Is this for Plasma, KWin, or Qt?

was looking at the Ghost 2.02, not sure if its plasma, don’t think so.

Could you provide a link? For ‘Ghost 2.02’ is hard to google.

It’s a plasma theme: Ghost

A window decoration: Ghost (Aurorae)

And a color scheme: Ghost Color Scheme

The first two are at 2.02, so I’m assuming it’s one of those.

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Then it definitely will not work (except for the windeco, I’m not sure whether it’s possible to run KWin within GNOME).

thanks guys!!