I am wondering where I could go to get new themes for this distro (OpenSuse 11.1 Gnome)???

I enjoy variety (hence dual-boot) and would like to a package that will change the appearance of the taskbar, menus, and icon images.

In Ubuntu there are a couple of nice ones but those have Ubuntu icons.

Any suggestions guys and gals???

Have you looked through the options in Control Center -> Appearance? If
you download icons you can place them in your home directory ~/.icons
and they will be picked up by the above Control Center application you
just need to click on the ‘customize’ button.

Have you looked here at <>

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Have you tried jungle theme?

Download Jungle Theme 1.0 for Linux - GNOME theme based on Jungle icons - Softpedia