Themes of Plasma in KDE 4.3

Hi all!
I have KDE 4.3 RC3 and I have a problem. Almost all themes of plasma are mixed. For example
Nitro looks like Driod, Plateau looks like Oxyook,After removing ~/.kde4 and reinstalling Nitro looks like oxyglass and so on (almost all themes are mixed). :
What the hell…
P.S. when I see in advanced part of System Settings, I can see that all themes are here. They are mixed only in Desktop settings

does this happen with a new user also?

Yup, I updated to KDE 4.3 RC3 yesterday and am facing the same problem. In addition to that some icons are just go too large some too small. Only Air and Oxygen work the way they should. So for the time being I have kept Air as my theme. I suppose that the themes need to be updated to KDE 4.3 as all of them are having KDE 4.2 compatibility, so will have to wait for their authors to do that… :slight_smile:

Air? But how can I install a new Air theme? I can’t install it using standard method.
May be I should use zypper and install a package?

Here is one more theme I found that work and is very nice too Carbon

By standard way you mean right clicking on the desktop, choosing “Desktop Settings” and from there clicking “New Theme”, is it??

What problem are you facing? Try installing Carbon this way, hope it works.

Hope this helps you:
1st go here if you need to undo autologon:
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums
Then go here:
How to install a 2nd Desktop Environment - openSUSE Forums
From the other DE delete the .kde4 folder. As long as you are in the screwed up kde deleting or renaming that folder will add to your problems. If you rename or delete the .kde4 folder from another DE in my case that’d be XCFE then you return to KDE you’ll start with a clean slate.

I have installed Carbon, nice theme, it works :slight_smile:
And about Air:
For me (I’m russian) it is “Vozduh” and it works too, sorry, I was looking for Air, not Vozduh
One more moment, a lot of themes now looks or partially looks like Air - from Deep Red to Nitro and Driod.

2 Sagemta: Thank you :slight_smile: I have no other DEs, only KDE, so I prefer “init 3 - init 5” :slight_smile:

About Air: I can select Air, but I see “Deep Red” as selected theme, I have removed “Deep Red”, select “Air” and I see “Perfection” is selected… A lot of themes seems to be incompatible with “Air”

May be you should wait for two weeks when KDE 4.3 will be finally released and then we will have updated themes also… :slight_smile: Till then I am going to stick with carbon. KDE4.3 is not recommended for end users, I installed KDE4.3 RC3 because I could not wait for KDE 4.3 more… :wink:

For now just stick with some theme that works for you, just for two weeks. For me carbon is working fine till now…

Ghost is another good one that works. I’ve been using that one for a while. The weird thing is, I had a vista 7 theme that worked for me previously, and as I kept updating 4.3 it kept its properties, but when I looked at it in my themes it was incompatible, just like the other ones. It wasn’t until I was stupid and switched it then tried to switch it back that it didn’t work.

Thank you all. It seems problem with themes is a problem only for KDE-4.3 beta-rc-versions users.
So, I have just created “Custom” theme from pieces of other themes and it works :slight_smile: