theme help

I recently installed 12.22 gnome with cinnamon. My question is how to install aditional themes downloaded from gnome web site etc. When you try to drag the new themes to themes folder it always says you do not have permission. There is no right click open as super user etc. so whats the answer.

Thank you in advance

I don’t use gnome, but have you tried opening your file manager as super-user first?

If I were gonna do it in kde the way you’re attempting to in gnome, I’d open my file manager as root, split-view the window so I could have the folder I downloaded the theme into on one side, your themes folder on the other, then just drag the theme across

Hope that helps

You shouldn’t need to put them somewhere as root. Instead look in your /home/USERNAME folder. I don’t run cinnamon, but there should be a place where to extract them.

EDIT: if “The Internet” is right, it’s /home/USERNAME/.themes
The dot at the beginning of the foldername means the folder is hidden. Extract the theme in that folder and you should see it in the theme selection