the worst answers/questions that a sysadm would never hear

well,this year my company decided to switch from windows to linux ,the old system administrator (a real dummy,i don’t want to say more…) decided to change job the week after,i know that it could seem a joke but…so now i’m the new temporary sysadm too.

try to imagine to have about 100 users postations with each kind of person(i’m talking about instruction,age…)

i lost my holidays this year(for the moment)but i can say that it was a funny experience,these are the best answers/questions from users:

1)i sent a mail to XXX asking if he have opened a file,XXX answer me (after 3 days):the only thing i could open was the office window…

2)hi simone,i need help,the only thing the penguin tells me is fatal error…

3)10 days after linux switch during the lunch-
i think i have a problem,this morning i turn on my pc as everyday and i see something wrong…have you changed my desktop??(try to imagine my answer :frowning: )

4)the telephone rings and…please can you come here and write me a mail??

5)from a mail-if you see a pc that is flying down from the window is mine,can you help me please?

6)from a mail-i can’t see my old desktop,i have strange softwares to open old files,i’m learning new applications , step by step all will works,the only problem i have is…where is internet explorer???

7)i ask to a user:do you prefer os or ubuntu??and he tells me:i don’t like african language softwares,better os…

i could write more and more,maybe tomorrow…i hope that someone can smile.bye