The "WiFi" system:

Dear SUSE,

I suggest you to work out better of the “WiFi” system.
The difference in the popularity is mainly caused by
the fact that “Ubantsu” install and automatically set up
the “WiFi” system, while “SuSE” user have to work out
“ndiswrapper” by themselves. The most of the public
would find it very difficult thing to get it working?

SUSE would be the most popular if the “WiFi” was as well
sorted as “Ubantsu”? I think so. If you already have done
it, please ignore this mail.

When I try to post this(an user’s opinion) I found it is
difficult just to send it to people of SUSE. I have to
register with you. If I click “Contact” I came to “Discover
it”. I found no where I can just send it straight away…!?
Not well connected with the public in real term? I am posting
this in the Forum here somewhere now.

godoten: a SUSE-10.2 user who use “mc”. Out of date, am I?:wink:

  • godoten,

please refer to the sticky postings in your networking/wireless forum and see if you can get the card to work. Else please post there with your hardware details.
Actually I find Wifi in openSUSE pretty well working.


I agree with buckesfeld… my WiFi worked out of the box for me.