The thrill of Milestone 6

Yes, it’s not finished but Milestone 2 ran perfectly but
I wanted to try the new stuff, installed both as an upgrade
(took 2 hours) and a fresh and voila!!

  1. Consent decree screen was in German, no English
  2. Install went perfectly into GNOME BUT
  3. No Comp or 3D
  4. Would not change theme screens
  5. Tried copy and paste of a .jpg through the SMB connect to the Windows box, copied (no matter what size
    image) 224K and blacked the rest of the image.
  6. The shutdown screen offered no highlighted choices, all grayed out
  7. Shutdown in terminal was really interesting, “No shut
    down command found”, well that’s because terminal was
    breaking down everything into four letter words!!

Anyway, reinstalled M2, runs perfectly, guess I’ll wait
and see what’s next. The only error screen thrown was for
the .jpgs and it was “Invalid format”.

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