"The threads below have not been updated ..."

This is another forum oddity.

I logged in a few minutes ago, then loaded the “New Posts” page. The second page of that contains:

The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts.

That message seems wrong. The last time that I visited the forum, I made sure that I marked all threads as read before I closed that tab.

Here’s what I think must have happened:

I did pull up the main forum page at a little before midnight last night, which would have been after some of those unread posts.

The main page pointed me to the need to login to the forum. I chose not to bother - a login could wait till the morning.

It seems that the forum software has a split personality:
It does not know who I am, and therefore I must login;
It knows who I am, and records this as a visit.

This seems wrong to me. If it knows who I am well enough to record this as a visit, then it should not be asking for me to login. If it is going to ask me to login, it should be ignoring any cookies that pretend to know who I am.

I realize it’s a minor point. But it still seems wrong.

Logged in user is different from “guest” user as http sessions are different

When my login has presumably expired, the browser still has several cookies that identify me to opensuse.org. That’s different from the pure “guest” case with no identifying cookies.