The "Thick Planet Theory"

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 While playing in your computer with a file manager in detail view have you ever noticed the time stamp on code and program origins? Apparently no meaningful code is written or entered unless the time is between 10:20PM to 4:15 AM.

 Years ago Frank Zappa, not only a noted musician of both the outrageous world of shock rock and lesser known for exceptionally challenging symphonic compositions but a very outspoken and staunch supporter of all things Linux and open source came up with a perfectly logical and rational explanation,  

“The thick planet theory” which states:

 "The creative mind reaches it's maximum potential only when it is fully shielded from the overwhelming energy in the solar wind, which contains tremendous amounts of electromagnetic noise, impeding the minds creative thought process.  

 Once were protected by the earths mass and fully in the planets shadow, the electromagnetic noise  from the solar wind is at it's minimum level, the remaining electromagnetic factor is cosmic noise which I'm convinced contains patterns of inspiration and enlightenment from both the past and future."

 Bear in mind this is not a word for word quote but accurate in context to my best recollection through the fog of years past and allowances for a given state of insobriety at the time.

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”
Hunter S. Thompson

 Plausible? Well at least it served as rational justification for many a night of chaos, extravaganza and debauchery for many musicians, and now possibly computer enthusiasts and devotees.

Frank was a very interesting and diverse man, for more about him,
Zappa Drinks and Goes Home

Hunter S. Thompson quotes, totally out of control…

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Good reading for a bad night, or vice/versa. >:)

First time to read that.
In my opinion if you want something to create, create it without these.
Another philosophical theory.

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> Frank was a very interesting and diverse man

and, he could do about an hour on the tower of power…

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