The Taskbar in OpenSuSE: how to put spaces in name in link?

Afternoon folks.

Just wondering if anyone knows how to do this for me. (It just quietly fails so I’m left wondering like in Windoze “is it hanging?”)

On the taskbar, next to my computer icon I inserted a drawer. I was hoping to put in my Favorite Applications (wine apps don’t seem to get inputed to opensuse’s recent list.

What I’ve tried is:
(all to no avail, also note: I’ve been inputing this in Add To Drawer- Custom Application Launcher.)

Also, please note the directory location is valid as well, it’s how I did it in my windoze installation.

"wine c:\ Program Files\WoW\Wow.exe"
wine "c:\ Program Files\WoW\Wow.exe"
wine c:\\ Program Files\\WoW\\Wow.exe
wine c:\ Program Files\WoW\Wow.exe

Any help would be appreciated.

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I suppose as well that the question could be better worded: How do I add a WoW.exe wine app link to a drawer on taskbar?

(Still learning on the lingo, forgive me. ;))

Meh…I got it figured out >:(

wine "c:\Program Files\WoW\Wow.exe"

caps is important. :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE: Now if only I can configure why it disconnects when I hit login heh…

BlueAce3 wrote:
> caps is important. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, you are learning already! -=welcome=- to our forum and to openSUSE

google is your friend (and there is a games forum here), try some of

and, bookmark which is probably your best first
stop for all WINE problems, questions…

though you can always use the forums advanced search page
<> to dig out openSUSE specific
info…or, you can use google with the site specifier switch, which i
demonstrate here:

again, welcome!

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