The State of M6: Almost 300 post-freeze Updates!

M6 isn’t even twenty-four hours old, and already nearly three HUNDRED packages have been updated (x64); the one plus is that most of the updates are to OO (however, I don’t recall hearing of a major point-release this week, let alone today)…

Your post-freeze title is IMHO misleading.

Novell/SuSE-GmbH don’t issue a milestone release and then take the next few weeks off work. They have milestone 7 tightly following milestone6, and they need to get working on that milestone-7 so that it can be issued, hopefully on time this time. Given that milestone6 was a week late, that puts even more pressure on milestone7 in terms of schedule. Hence once can be assured Novell/SuSE-GmbH are quite busy doing the updates for the next release.

I typically , for a milestone release, don’t apply the updates (unless a packager tells me to do so) but rather I stick with the snapshot repositories for the duration of the specific milestone release. Hence the repos I use are:

  • factory snapshot oss:
  • factory snapshot non-oss
  • factory packman

…That provides a stable baseline to do testing, with a known snapshot configuration. Of course that snapshot changes completely as soon as a new milestone release hits the street.

I was referring to OO, not the base distribution (concerning all the extra packages), and this was a base (vanilla) M6 clean install with the default repos, as I generally don’t include packman when testing milestones or early betas.

Over a third of the additional packages concerned either updates for OO or triggered dependencies for those updates (hence my comment about a major OO point release)

I don’t understand your point.

OpenOffice? I had to disable the office pattern to complete the
installation of the Gnome DVD on M6.

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Given I saw “hundred” in capitals in another post, and given I don’t understand why it was in capitals, I want to emphasize this point of mine.

One can imagine here that there is a team of people at SuSE-GmbH (and in the community of supporting packagers) producing many packages, updating them fairly constantly, as an openSUSE release gets close and closer to the RC and finally GM version. When a release (such as happened to M6) is delayed, then one can also imagine that the team of people will keep preparing their updates, but they will not be able to apply them fully until the release (in this case M6) is released. And once M6 is released, then the MASS of updates that have been building up while M6 problem (that delayed M6) was being sorted (during the 1 week delay) will hit the street.

This indicates the packagers are doing their job and they are trying hard to minimize the impact of the M6 delay.

Plus there is the entire philosophy change wrt updates with the advent of more automated updates with build service style functionality.

Heck, if there were not HUNDREDS of updates waiting after M6, I would be worried. To me this large number of updates makes perfect sense.

I was primarily shocked that OpenOffice itself would require that much in the way of updates on a milestone that is less than 24 hours old; the other update amount is, in fact, pretty darn typical for as large a Linux distrbution as oS.

At some point over the weekend, I will be reporting a (non-critical) bug involving the Linux beta of Osmos (game); the audio does not work (x64 RPM). The game itself works; it’s only the audio that is broke.

Thanks for your investigations/contribution efforts !

I plan to start the installation this morning of 11.3 M6 on my sandbox PC (as opposed to just playing with liveCDs).

I was getting freezes on Office updates. I also re-tested install and it freezes there too.
I had to crash out of a update using software management, ended up OK though.