The State of Linux Documentation

I think in general, this articleis quite accurate. What I like to do, is have n00bs write the documentation, and have it supervised by either more experienced users or by the developers.

As you know, even the openSUSE wiki is in the same shape that the article describes. The good news is, at least we’re working on it. As usual, we could always use your help. The Wiki Team - openSUSE is always glad to accept help. If you are new, don’t be afraid, you can jump in and help anyway. In fact we encourage this. So get on board.

Hi Jon, One thing that openSuse is totally rubbish is the “help” files. In 90% of cases, I click on the “lifebelt” and get a blank page. Could not someone make sure that the help system works, always, out of the box and that any help files written conform to that system. New users/triers will NOT bother and in most cases won’t know how to install libraries dependencies, update databases etc etc, just to get the help button to work. Mine still doesn’t and never has, in nearly two years of openSuse 11.1 & 11.2. I have to use this forum instead of a help file, which is great, but surely the info should be available locally? What about those who can’t connect out of the box?? Straight back to Windows!

With all of the guff and crud that IS installed by default (OO & GIMP etc etc etc) surely a few help pages should be a priority over them?

I understand your frustration and ask for your patience in this matter. There is a lot going on with the openSUSE wiki, but we certainly need all the help we can get.

Let me show you the minutes of the last wiki meeting. [opensuse-wiki] Minutes and AIs - Wiki Team Meeting, December Sunday, 6t](

There is also this: Wiki Team/Current Actions - openSUSE

I hope you all will take a look and provide feedback, and jump in and help.