The sound is working but cannot ajust the volume

Hi to everybody,

I’m new in the world of Linux and Opensuse. I have a laptop Satellite A200 with the Realtek ALC268 Audio HD.

The sound IS working with no problem… but in the front of my laptop, where I can plug my headset or microphone, I have a little whell to ajust the sound…

But this wheel is not working in OpenSuse. I can ajust the sound with the mixer but not with my hardware wheel.


Oh, i forgot… it’s for OpenSuse 11

  • Rambytes,

open a console and type “xev”.
Then move the wheel. If you see any events in the terminal, there’s a good chance you can get it to work with e.g lineak. If not, I don’t know a way. Then it probably needs proprietary software support.


just to have asked:
What happens if you use a headphone in the jack where the wheel is? maybe the wheel just changes the volume of the hardware-plug???
Only an idea… :slight_smile: