The screen after booting is messed up, can't figure out anything

Hello! I’m a complete newbie and have just installed OpenSuse with KDE desktop on my HP laptop. Installation has been completed successfully. The problem is that when the computer boots, the screen is messed up, that is, I can see colour scheme and movements of the mouse, but it seems like pixels are scattered randomly all over the screen, so it does not make any sense. I remember the same problem when i last installed OpenSuse, but I forgot what was the solution. I suppose the problem lies in graphic drivers or something like that. Failsafe mode runs completely OK. Please can you help me? What can I do to make my desktop look normal?

What graphics chip does your laptop have?

And which openSUSE version are you using? 13.1?

                                                                                                                                                                                    I believe it to be NVIDIA GeForce 7150M and version is 11.4. -

You should install the proprietary nvidia driver then.
Since 11.4 is out of support already (except for Evergreen), there is no repo/packages available for that anymore.
So you have to download the driver from nvidia’s homepage and install it “the hard way” (which isn’t really that hard… :wink: )
See here:

PS: As mentioned, 11.4 is out of support since November 2012 already.
There are still updates available by the Evergreen team though, see here for how to add the Evergreen repo, which I would really recommend:

But even that support will end in July, so you really should prepare to upgrade to a current version. 13.1 has been designated as the next Evergreen version.
If you want to know how to upgrade, just ask, but please open a new thread for that.

Thank you very much!