the RUN command does not work

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when i hit alt+F2 the run dialogue opens up but i am unable to type anything can see the screenshots of those in that link.any packages to reinstall??
i am using kde 4.3.1 (KDE 4.3.1) “release 6” on opensuse11.2 64 bit.i have used this before with no problem.i recently formated my system and i am getting this since then

Try removing ~/.kde4/share/config/krunnerrc.

gsk 308 wrote:
> i recently formated my system and i am getting this since then

actually have zero idea where to begin searching for the file which
somehow got clobbered…i therefore believe the best course of action
would be:

  1. check and see if anyone has reported a bug, here: if they have then monitor the progress of
    the fix…but, i’ve never heard of your problem before so i guess it
    is not a bug, but rather a unique problem, so

  2. use the backup image from just prior to the format to restore your
    system…if that does not work, stop…something is BAD wrong withyour

  3. if you have a viable backup (how could that be?) you might try to
    boot from the install DVD and at the first green screen do to make certain you have a good install
    image, and then on that menu select “Repair Installed System”…
    sometimes that works, other times not…just depends on what got
    messed up…or, you could try:

  4. maybe you could use YaST to create a new user, log out and then
    into that new user and see if the Alt+F2 line take your input
    then…if it does that means something inside your home directory is
    messed up (did you delete any files or make any modifications in your
    home directory hidden files? which?)…you can can look for
    differences between the files in yours and the new user and with a lot
    of patience and luck can probably find the culprit but it will be a
    lot of trouble…

  5. if all of those fail, then you either have to remember precisely
    what you did to kill the system, and undo it, or

  6. do a complete reinstall

for our future reference in the forum i sure hope you will let us know
which, if any, of the above fixed the problem…


well removing krunnerrc did not work.and i do not have a backup of my installation.i never had such silly problems.
so i guess i have to run all application from the main menu.
well i guess i have to live with it for not taking a backup.
thanks for the help and will update if i have any sort of improvement

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well following that thread i understood i have something similar
will dig a little deeper