the rules for an valid password for this forum are strange

to open this account i did try to use this character string like password


but the rules say it has invalid characters

maybe forum admins want to look into the rules set for valid passwords

Did you try narrowing it down? My guess would be on things that are
commonly used as attacks of one sort or another, meaning a single-quote,
less-than sign, double-quote, maybe even an ampersand.

Also, are you setting the password within VBulletin (the forum software)
or via some backend (the Micro Focus site stuff)? If the former, do not
bother, as it is not ever used; the latter seems more-likely, but the
latter does not restrict any particular types of characters I am pretty
sure, so that makes me think you are on the former which is just a waste
of time.

Good luck.

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I’ll just note that logins and password are really managed at “”.

Yup. These forums don’t deal with passwords (and that’s great!). It’s all
managed via SUSE single sign on (Access Manager) and created/validated there.
It’s an openSUSE web site thing so feedback and questions about it should be
sent to the web site administrator:

Kim - 5/29/2018 7:58:30 AM