The right desktop - a thought

Ok, i will not suggest any desktop at all. To the contrary, i will make a case for everyone to love the desktop they use.

I recently read an article on Die Woche: Krieg und Frieden | heise open (german only, sorry) where the author makes the case that the actual developers are pretty cool with each other and in fact, they work together and hold events together.

For all the time i read Linux forums, it is appearant that most users have a certain flavor they prefer and guard it against attacks till they drop death.
Some people go even so far to be hostile to each other.

Now i know how it is if you love something and you think you need to defend it.
But Linux is about variety and lets everyone choose whatever he or she likes.

From that point there is no really bloated desktop or disfunctional. I tested some (Gnome, KDE, XFCE & LXDE) and all are meant to be used for a certain kind of flavor or situation.

Why i am writing this? Well, i think for one i just had time and for two i believe it can never hurt to remind people of being more friendly to each other.
(not that it is not friendly here, but just in general i suppose)

Happy hacking (now i have to drink a coffee):wink: