the real icewm

I am interested in trying a different desktop and have heard that icewm is lite on resources but can be configured to do the minimal things i require.
I found an icewm at the login screen and chose it and did a google on icewm to find out how to configure it.
I discovered that the icewm that shows at the login screen is actually called icewm-lite and is not very configurable.
I went to Yast2 > Software management and installed icewm [the real one?][which btw also installed a lot of gnome things - do i need these gnome things for icewm to run?]
I then logged out of kde 3.5 but found nothing at the login screen but icewm lite.
I am a little bewildered by all this talk about what is a desktop and what is a window manager.
i did a search for icewm to see if it even got installed and came up with four different locations:
Is there not an icewm for dummies that i can follow?
I went to but found all the info a little overwhelming. In my reading I found something called iceWMCP that i am supposed to need to configure icewm and have installed it and was able to start it in kde 3.5, but it is no good to me if i cannot get icewm to start.
does icewm even work on opensuse 11?
If so, how [simply] can i get it to work?
thank you

I tried this icewm before, although I did not get that far in using it, I found that the icewm-gnome version is better. In opensuse the icewm and icewm-lite is included by default in your installation. You can delete the icewm-lite and change it with icewm-gnome. The iceWMcp is the graphical control panel of icewm.
Icewm is a windowmanager you can even run it in kde, gnome, xfce.
and can be run independently and it’s lite and fast.

@Tsandu - I have tried Xfce [on an ubuntu version] and altho I like it, the rest of my household didn’t. In any case my >? was about icewm, but have had no replies regarding it. Maybe it is not a good choice. There is another one I am going to check out called LXDE *.

I will close this post as no one [except yourself] seems to have an opinion re: icewm as a desktop.

Thank You*