The partitioning on disk /dev/sbd is not readable

Hello! I am new to openSUSE and recently downloaded the ISO image for 11.4 and created a bootable usb drive. The install wizard starts good but I got the following message:

“The partitioning on disk /dev/sbd is not readable by the partitioning tool parted, which is used to change the partition table. You can use the partitions on disk /dev/sbd as they are. You can format them and assign mount points to them, but you cannot add, edit, resize, or remove partitions from that disk with this tool.” For which I click OK.

Right after, I got this message:

“Unable to create repository from URL ‘hd:/?device=/dev/sdb1’. Details: Empty destination un URI: hd:///?device=/dev/sdb1 Try again?”

Y type ‘No’ and it says: “Failed to initialize the software repositories. Aborting installation.”

I cannot go through this in the my install. For your information I currently have installed Ubuntu 10.10 and I am willing to change to openSUSE.

Any ideas will be very welcome, thanks in advance!

I guess that sdb is your USB device.

I also guess that you created the bootable disk on sdb and not on sdb1. Thus there is no partition table (when there was one it is overwritten) and somewhere in the install process there is the assumption that there must be an sdb1.

Just a guess trying to interprete the error messages.


you write that you’re new to openSUSE (and to Linux?).

What hcvv (Henk) is asking of you, is to give more info
on that drive /dev/sdb.

How many hard disks do you have, and which partitions
on them ?

In earlier versions of openSUSE (up to 10.2) /dev/sdX
(instead of /dev/hdX) were references to SCSI hard disks
(and partitions on these).

Thanks to both! This is my netbook and currently has only one disk -which is /dev/sda- and my usb drive is indeed /dev/sdb. I downloaded the ImageWriter from the openSUSE offical website and used the tool to create my 8GB usb drive bootable from a Windows machine. This tool did all the job so I didn’t setup anything on my usb device. Thanks again!

Why do you do anything with Windows when you have Ubuntu available? I do not know anything about Imagewriter, thus I can not say if it is normal for that tool to write to the disk instead of the partition or that you used wrong parameter/option.


fdisk -l

from your Ubuntu with the USB connected and see if it confirms that there is no partition table.

I bet those imagewriter instructions need revision for 11.4. Their instructions for the first scenario assume using the whole drive. Try this:

Put a partition table on the USB drive with one partition sdb1
Use imagewriter to put the image on sdb1, not sdb