The panel in KDE4

I installed OpenSuSE 11, what an improvement! It is really great :slight_smile:

However, while tuning my desktop, I removed my bottom panel (while trying to remove an icon from it) - whoops. I can add a new panel by using right click on the desktop, and add widgets to it. However, not everything that was on the SuSE panel can be added as a widget… for example, running programs, etc.

How can I get my old panel back? :’( This really sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not the most knowledgebale person around here, but the best way I can suggest is that if you don’t mind loosing what settings you’ve added to kde4 so far, is to just delete your /home/user/.kde4/ folder.

There may be a better way, however.

You want to add both the system tray widget and the task manager widget. The task manager widget will show your open windows.

Another way is to just create another account and just move all of your stuff over there the deleting of the folder only works once, at least for me it did.