The openSUSE vs LinuxMint gnome-terminal resize experience


I tried out LinuxMint yesterday on a spare partition and observed one thing I’d like to share. When I resize the gnome-terminal running openSUSE, it is a bit slow and dashed and I can observe some black artifacts on the right and bottom margins, howewer resizing gnome-terminal in Mint 11 is smooth, without any artifacts.

Both systems are 32bit, with NVidia binary driver installed from package manager ( even the NVidia driver versions are the same ).

First I thought it is because of the theme, so I tried in openSUSE with the default Mint theme and in Mint with the openSUSE theme, but the same experience, in openSUSE rugged, in Mint smooth.

It is not a big deal, I’m just curious what can be the cause, maybe there is a bug somewhere.
Does anybody has an idea?