The openSUSE forums keep getting new functionality

As you can see we have new functionality. If you think the staff here are experts at how to use this new functionality you’re mistaken. :wink: I’ve done some overview learning, but most of the information available on the new vBulletin Suite is the technical “This is what this setting does, this is what that setting does”. There is no best practices guide or information on how to make the software fit a need. The first reason we upgraded to the vBulletin Suite from the vBulletin Forums is that stand alone vBulletin forums are no longer officially supported. Minor issue. :\ Another good reason to upgrade however, is the ability to add “Articles” to our offering here. It will be a way to take the best information out of the forums and promote it to something that is more readily available to the casual forum user. The goal here, after all, is to provide an infrastructure that gets the best technical help and information into the hands of openSUSE users. A huge knowledge pool exists in the minds of our community memebers and whatever we can do to make that knowledge easier to navigate and find is what we want to do.

Like the new menu structure at the top of the pages and it shouldn’t take long to get used to. Articles sound a good idea. Thanks for the work.

What do I have to do to get permission to start a blog? I’m a long-time SUSE sysadmin and I’d like to post solutions to problems I solve.

I’ll take it up with the forum Administrators. We may want to open it up to trusted users.

Ok, thanks. Please let me know the conclusion of the discussion (send me Private Message).

The administrators decided that they would like to test blogging with a controlled set of forum users who have been participating here in the forums for a while. That may change in the future.

I’ve been using SUSE for more than 8 years and I’ve been a beta tester most of that time (I use Factory as my everyday desktop). So even if I wasn’t active on the forums, if you need people to test blogging, I might be just right for that. I’m volunteering :slight_smile:

I’m just the technical admin here. Head over to openSUSE:Forums team - openSUSE and contact one of the three administrators with your ideas/requests. Thanks for being the volunteering type. :slight_smile: