The new Amarok - Trailer

Posted about the rumour a couple of months ago, but here it is. Features:

  • completely new Xine V12 engine
  • displays wikipedia-info and lyrics of played songs in front window HUD.
  • displays where artist lives on navigation device
  • headphone plug next to exhaust pipe
  • runs on any linux distro
  • managable playlist - mood - GPSinfo relations
  • fade out of traffic lights etc etc

Will it be open source? Free as in “free beers” as well?

May I be the first to say: WTF?

Does it play music?

I have no sound here, but I was humming the baywatch tune :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if by any chance any organization could try to force VW to change the car’s name? Examples of companies forcing others ( or people ) to change product names, URL etc are there, so…

There’s another post about this, with a couple of nice analogies.