The network manager is not running. How do I get the network manager to run?

I overwrote suse 12.3 with suse 13.2 new install into a 20 gb root dir. on the first hda drive and mounted my previous hdb 80 gb drive as home dir. Every thing is working, email and other stuff is ok.

I am having trouble with the plug icon on the bottom toolbar. The plug icon show that it is connected always. However it shows a red x under the icon and in the past, I could click on the icon to disconnect from the net. Now, nothing happens. also, a left click opens a blank window. and a message says that the network manager is not running. How do I get the network manager to run?

Any help would be appreciated.

YaST->Network Devices->Network Settings->Global Options
You can switch between “Wicked Service”, “NetworkManager Service”, and “Network Services disabled” there.

But especially with wired ethernet you don’t really need NetworkManager.
If you are just annoyed by that useless/not-working icon, you can disable or hide it in the system tray settings (right-click on the small up-arrow left of the digital clock).

Note that if you took the defaults and did a new install into the old 20 gig root partition you will have changed file systems from ext4 to BTRFS. BTRFS has a snapper function that takes periodic snap shots of the root this adds a lot of over head the the now recommended minimum for a BTRFS install is 40 gig. At 20 gig you will run out of space unless you turn snapper off.

here is some instruction on dealing with snapper

If you kept ext4 as a file system then forget about the above it does not apply