the mplayer can't display the rmvb file

how can i do

open console and run mplayer from there, then paste the messages here so we can see what’s going on

error!:cannot find codec matching selected -vo and video format 0x30345652

addition:I can hear the voice,but the mplayer can’t display the view

You could always use realplayer.

Download the rpm from real
go su

rpm -ivh R{TAB}to auto comp…

to configure - new user term type


uncheck updates allow mozilla helpers

IMO realplayer is a very poor choice. Few features, uses more processing power, not F/OSS, etc.

I can play rmvb in SMPlayer/Opensuse 11.0 x86_64 without problems after installing the essential-amd64-20071007 codecs from mplayer site. The relevant codecs are:
rv40 for video (in /usr/lib/win32/
cook for audio (in /usr/lib/win32/

rmvbs also play in Mplayer, as SMPlayer is just a (great) front-end for mplayer.

Only small issue in that after ff/rwd the audio gets a litle bit out of sync, but syncs back after a few seconds playing.

hi, maybe a stupid question… do you know if this works for KDE?.. I ask coz I understand that Mplayer is the media player for gnome, isn’t it?, so I wondering if will it work for kaffeine too?.. thanks

I don’t think mplayer is associated with any desktop in particular. But there are front end variants which are.