The monitor keeps turning off...

I am useing a PC as a simple display and I need the monitor to stay on for long periods of time. I have set the power saving setting to “presentation” mode and it is not supposed to turning the monitor off. Is there somewhere else I need to adjust this??? I am running OpenSUSE 11.1. Thanks.

  • provinceautomation,

launch sax2 and turn off powersave options there, too.


hmm… I don’t see any power save options there…? What is DPMS? Sorry, I googled it and I realized this may fix my problem. I will post back and let you know. Thanks.

I un-checked DPMS and I am still seeing the monitor turn off after about 5-10 minutes…? The DPMS is the only thing I changed. Is there a tool for writing a macro that would move the mouse? and keep the monitor on? I could set up cron to run the macro every 2 minutes…?

Check your BIOS for a power management tab.

I agree with CFN7. If the BIOS power management settings are already correct, then this thread might be helpful to you.

If you’re running KDE go into "Configure Desktop>Display>Power Control, then select “Enable display power management” and set everything to zero (Disabled).

thankyou i had same problem setting them to disable fixed it!