The Linux Hater blog ;)

hi everyone :slight_smile:

I was googling about opensuse and happen to find this amazing blog lol, i can’t stop laughing :slight_smile: 

don’t get me wrong iam using suse 11.1 (OTB to me:) ) 

(a.o* LOL )

it’s a satire, this guy uses Linux all the time :wink:

yeah but its rare to see someone who criticizes Linux and all he says is true and so funny.:slight_smile:

EDIT: this is QUIT funny XD XD 

it’s not that rare as you might think. This guy just does it for the lulz. He must have spent lots of time using various Linux distros in order to know them thoroughly and later criticize their weaknesses

teenagers have way too much time on their hands.

I noticed that his complaints are not the kind of complaints a “run-of-the-mill-windows-user-turned-linux-hater” uses.

His actually looks like he’s had to dig in a little, and follow Linux news and such.

I look at it as an opportunity to prepare myself with what is the Linux-haters going to throw out at Linux users to make them look bad? Then have time to prepare myself for a response!

“Know thine enemy” :wink:

I dont get the point about this blog, and also about everything hes saying… could somebody help me to understand what`s the point in all this?

Thank you!

Sometimes the wrapping of the present keeps me from enjoying the present itself. Not my style.

It’s an interesting blog where it seems very anti-Linux, but he is actually using it as a means to point at Linux and open source’s faults and follies. I don’t think it is 100% malicious as a means of bringing to light Linux issues.

Reading some of his posts, I got the strong feeling that his rants are not just superficial, that he has to genuinely run Linux or be experienced with it to know about these issues.

Most anti-Linux blogs (I have run across) have to stuff their entries with “oh, I’ve been using Linux for a LONG time…” or the “I’m a noob” (which means, please don’t hurt me while I insult you…). These blogs are superficial and cover only what you run across in about an hour’s time after installing Linux.

Most of the time they are regurgitating the same FUD that is very outdated. At best there may be one or two pieces that do make you go “hmm…” but once you take a look at it from a Linux user’s point of view you see that the issue in either the mindset or the way it is being viewed, and that it really isn’t an issue at all.

I enjoy the posts.

Ok, thanks for the explanation!

I understand now… the good point is that everybody interested in Linux developement could benefit from his negative critiques.

This type of people use Linux for long time and even using it now. But when it came to certain distro, which cannot provide a simple thing for them. They start complaining and writing rubbish here and there.
I read the comments there, most of them accept that Linux is great. Some wrote, “openSUSE with best implementation of KDE, and but when i install it, there is no video drivers for ATI”.
Now this is whose fault. If you want every thing like M$ windows, then why are converting to Linux in the first place. There should be some thing new/alternate.

After reading his post I really do think his winge has little to do with OpenSUSE,and a lot to do with a contract Novell signed.Or more importantly,how strongly he feels about that contract.Attacking OpenSUSE is just an easy vent.

Also he finishes his first post with a dig at Novell,If his issue really was with OpenSUSE would he not finish his post with a dig at OpenSUSE?

Actually after more reading,I really have no idea where this joker is coming from!!