The KDE mediamanager is not running.

I am running 11.0,If I scan a document using kooka and then try to save it to my flash drive I get the following error message.

“The KDE mediamanager is not running.”

I can’t even see the flash drive from the “save as” window but i can save to my home folder.

The flash is mounted and i can access it and write to it from dolphin without any problem.

any Ideas would be great.

  • san100,

Personal Settings, KDE Components, Service Manager: In the lower pane is the mediamanager enabled?


sorry I haven’t responded earlier. Ok under personal settings- service manager I cannot find KDE mediamanager listed. in the lower pane all i have is

DNS-SD Service watcher
network status daemon
KDE Write daemo
Nepomuk Server
KDE Time Zone daemon
Free space notifier
KDED Remote base URL notifier

They are all in use

I just ran into the same problem today, openSUSE11.0 KDE 4.1.2. Media Manager is no where to be found under Service Manager.
I have:
DNS-SD Services watcher
KDE Time Zone Daemon
Detecting RANDR
Free Space notifier
KDED Remote Base URL Notifier.

Was a bug report turned in on this?
Did you ever resolve it?