The KDE activity icon (for 12.3)

There was an update today, and one of the changes was to the “Activity Manager” icon in the panel.

For 12.2, the icon was three colored dots.

For 12.3, as originally released, the icon was a cube.

A number of people complained about the cube, and wanted the three dots back.

They are back, but in grey scale in keeping with the monochrome theme for 12.3.

But here’s the problem:After you have installed the update, the icon is still a cube.
You logout, then login again. And the icon is still a cube.
What is happening, is that this icon is in cache for fast startup.

Here’s what I did to get the updated icon:

  1. I logged out;
  2. I logged in as a failsafe session - not a KDE failsafe, but just a plain failsafe. If the login manager does not provide that option, then login with icewm and start a terminal session there.
  3. I used “ps -fu $USER” to list any processes. And I killed the older ones (those older than the current login). This was mostly a pulseaudio process and a child of that process.
  4. I then did “cd /var/tmp”
  5. And then, I did “rm -rf kdecache-$USER” to delete the cache.

After logout from that session, and a login back to KDE, the new icon was there. And I definitely like it better than the cube.

I’m in 4.10.1 and they switched it to the 3 coloured dots … .

I preferred the cube

Yeah I liked the cube too and was bummed when I applied the update. :frowning:

Should work, but it is a bit of a overkill :wink:
Enough would be to do

kquitapp plasma-desktop
sh /usr/share/kde4/apps/kconf_update/
kstart plasma-desktop

For those that actually dig the cube, they could place the
icon that comes with plain 12.3 (manual download of the rpm would be in order for that) in
that would survive the upgrades

Three greyish dots here.

any particular reason why the coloured dots remain in the 12.2 version of KDE 4.10.xx?
Would be nice to have the monochrome icon there in keeping with the openSUSE theme in kde 4.10 :slight_smile:

I guess i forgot to sync the tarball for 12.2 :slight_smile: Will do it tommorow :wink:

Count me in! I never liked those three dots. So, I looked in the location you showed as source but the icon is the three grey dots (4.10.3) although I’m still showing the cube.

So I copied it from the DVD I used to install 12.3. My question is, before I rebuild the cache: There was no widgets folder in the openSUSE folder. So, I created one, and set the permissions to user and group the same as for the wallpapers folder. I assume the process will look there first for the icon, and if not found, will look in the original spot. Is that correct?


Yes, theme elements/svgs will be first checked in local/users dir, and used instead of the system-wide one if found.

any updates on this for 12.2?

Sorry to be a pest :shame:

OK, done now :wink: (also a few other things that where not synced until now, scrollbar, weatherstation background, etc)