The internet of things..

I think it was late 1996 that I was spending a Christmas weekend to install CAT 5E Ethernet cables in my home. At least 2 outlets in every rum, in some 4. Later on I added CAT6 (2010) for more spaces/houses here. Wi-Fi came in just after that here. So my investment in time/money is still valid.

The picture is at least 1.5 years old and the topology(and nr of devices) isn’t 100%. I have been looking on nanocell/femtocell but haven’t got there.
LOL or think that you can can do some nice things at home. All of us is soon to be there… :P.
Yes In Sweden there is still flat-rate for cable connected I-net. Mobile net (i e 3G/LTE) wire-less getting worst almost almost by the day on costs.


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