The intergration with akonadi and nepomuk

Is the integration from kde libs workspace etc etc with akonadi and nepomuk a special Opensuse thing in 12.1 ?
because deleting them totally the system no longer boots into kde

Or can i get rid off them through compiling my own verion kde?

Now a have 11.4 and no akonadi and nepomuk !! deleted
and the system is live and kicking

I think they’re mandatory dependencies for KDE that ships with 12.1 by default.
Removed them on 4.7 and 4.8 and it seems to be working without them.
Broke a couple of package dependencies in yast though.

As one does not boot “into KDE”, I guess that you mean that loging in in KDE gives problems.

In fact I think you can get a better response for these sort of KDE problems by going to their forums at Index page • KDE Community Forums

Also I subscibed to the KDE-PIM mailing list. (not that it makes me happy :frowning: ).

(Groetjes aan Voorburg, ben er geboren en getogen, totaal meer dan veertig jaar gewoond).

In fact I think you can get a better response for these sort of KDE problems by going to their forums at Index page • KDE Community Forums

Also I subscibed to the KDE-PIM mailing list. (not that it makes me happy :frowning: ).

I found the solution on the kde site simple chmod 000 /usr/bin/akondi* the same for nepomuk and strigi

akonadi nepomuk and strigi dont start any more PROBLEM SOLVED

Hm, yes, I guess they won’t start anymore. It is only a little bit less drastic then an atomic bomb IMHO.


Nepomuk and strigi can be disabled on KDE system settings. To disable akonadi, edit


and under [QMYSQL] section change the following:


No need for nukes :wink:

NOTE: you need to disable the “show events” on your desktop clock, either the digital and (if you use it) the analogue.

That’s not a solution, at most a temporary workaround. On an update the files will be overwriten, with proper permissions, and you’re back where you did not want to be :D. Another thing to consider: I did a thing like this years ago and found out that I needed to clean out quite a lot of huge logfiles filled with errors generated by my system changes. My 2 cents: don’t do things like this to your system, your system may get nasty on you.

I have p4 pc I customized the installation
No kmail, no akonadi etc, limited bling-bling
Result is a quicker old machine

now the picture is complete without blowingup kde4 the steps to take to disable akonadi and nepomuk are as follows:

edit ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc

and under [QMYSQL] section change the following:


edit /etc/kde4/share/config/nepomukserverrc
every =true change it to false

no akonadi en no nepomuk

I do not know in detail what each of these two changes do everyone of them by itself.

But you should be aware that the first one is on user level and thus only influences the desktop of that one user.
The second one is on system level and thus has influence on the experience of all users of the system that use KDE.

Maybe you are in the particular case that you are the only daily user of the system (this offten happens in laptops and even desktops), but it is not to be ignored that Linux is a multi-user system and you should thus be carefull in changing things on the system level to help one single user.

On 2012-03-20 13:06, RGBsuse wrote:
> StartServer=false
> No need for nukes :wink:

The nuke is system wide, affects all users, no questions :-p

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)

Nepomuk can be turned off in Configure Desk -> Desktop Search. You can also just turn off the Nepomuk Service, Strigi, which does the file indexing. Also check Startup and Shudown Startup Services for Nepomuk. Akonadi will automatically start if an application uses it. Setting the StartServer value only prevents startup at login.

I believe this to be true, by turning Nepomuk and Akonadi “off”, users are effectively saying they are not going to use ANY KDE “PIM” application. I use the word “PIM” lightly, because applications that you wouldn’t guess, are under the PIM umbrella, and if not already they will be migrated over time to use Akonadi. Other than PIM applications could use it, too. I thought users might be able to use KDE applications with or without Akonadi, and definitely not Nepomuk. But I spotted several statements like, “it is required that Nepomuk is running in order for Akonadi to work correctly (”. Does “work correctly” mean limited functionality, broken/crashing apps, or corrupted/lost data? I was thinking, how effective would it be to let akonadi and nepomuk run, but remove services/agents/resources via qdbus, akonadiconsole, etc. It can’t get much clearer, Nepomuk and Akonadi are KDE/KDE SC today. I think we have to stop wishing otherwise. There is always the KDE3 Trinity project. Some folks mentioned a petition, just a thought, maybe consider donating to Trinity…

I hope openSuSE keeps XFce going. I’m trying XFce and Thunderbird (liked it better than Claws) on a VM. That’s my backup plan at the moment. :slight_smile:
I’ve seen Gentoo users talk about compiling KDE SC without Nepomuk. I’d be interested in OpenSuSE user’s experiences going that route. But as mentioned above, there might be a point where Nepomuk is so integrated into so many apps, that KDE SC won’t run without it (i.e., plasma activities). Does anyone remember removing beagle from their OpenSuSE distribution installation. I wish it were that easy to get rid of Nepomuk :slight_smile:

I have had problems on two machines with akonadi and nepomuk. They seem to go thru periods of being swamped with processing.
Spawn 50 60 processes of various kind.
open SuSE has to offer a way turning this kind of thing off, or I go Redhat. Been Suse on about 15 computers since v 8, don’t like changing,
but this PIM thing has become a major issue. I do turn it off in the kde4/share/ config files, but lots of it keep running.
Tried deleted parts on re-upgrade of a system, still an issue.

Don’t find a StartServer in 12.1 in the .kde4/share/config directory.
Is it someplace else?
About to reload with gnome.

On Tue, 28 Aug 2012 15:06:03 GMT, syncinc
<> wrote:

>Don’t find a StartServer in 12.1 in the .kde4/share/config directory.
>Is it someplace else?
>About to reload with gnome.

Getting rid of akonadi in KDE4 is just about impossible. It is thoroughly
integrated with kmail, kdepim, kalendar, etc. That is a brag of the devs.
it is more likely that nepomuk, beagle, and relatives are the cpu / disk
IO eaters. They can be removed if somewhat painfully.


The KDE team should provide a single switch to turn the PMI off.
System admins don’t need these buffalo chips.

Nope, and KDE is not a SysAdmin’s tool. :smiley:

On 11/01/2012 05:56 PM, Knurpht wrote:
> and KDE is not a SysAdmin’s tool.