The GIMP 2.6 has less fonts on Linux than it does in windows

I have noticed that The GIMP 2.6 has less fonts under Linux than it does with the Windows install, basing it off of the portable apps version of the windows GIMP, I looked in YaST for additional fonts for GIMP but I couldn’t find any. Does it use system fonts instead of having its own fonts?

Yes, you can use System Fonts in Gimp without any problem.

ps.: I don’t know, maybe he has own font packages too.

The problem that I am having is I have to edit an image that was made with the windows version of GIMP, the image is still in its native format, the font used on the image is called “Parchment” in the windows version of GIMP, but I can’t find that font in the version in the SUSE repos and the Linux GIMP does not recognize the font, kind of defeats the whole point of having a Windows version of GIMP is its going to have things the Linux version will not.

Google for the font type “Parchment”, install it && try to edit fonts again.
Good luck.

Have a look at the link, if you have one of the products available to
you it should be there;

You just need to import it if it a ttf font…

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Well that would explain why that font is not in the Linux version of GIMP, while I don’t have a product that came with the font file I found a place where I could download it from so it should work now thanks for the help.