The Future: Xen or KVM

Now that Red Hat has switched their virtualization focus from Xen to KVM, what does this mean for distros like OpenSUSE? Is KVM the future, or will openSUSE and SLES stay mainly with Xen?

Both are based on the same principals and still have a good future ahead of them. I’m not sure why Red Hat is making this switch other than that it is a different strategy and at the moment KVM is truly a part of the kernel.

There is still much development going on in Xen so it’s long from being scraped as far as I can see. As Novell is still building it’s tools around Xen I think this will continue to be a valid choice to make in openSUSE and it will stay in the race.
There are enough other virtualization products out there, but next to VMWare Xen is the only one that is a serious option (for now) and is being supported in that manner by 3d party vendors.

Other than that KVM is also an option in openSUSE, so if it gets enough attention it’s there to choose and move forward with.

Not sure if that is an answer, but who truly knows what the future holds (5+ years from now). :wink: