The Future of openSUSE is Clear

Attachmate Corporation Statement on openSUSE project | Attachmate

"The openSUSE project is an important part of the SUSE business,” commented Jeff Hawn, chairman and CEO of Attachmate Corporation. “As noted in the agreement announced today, Attachmate plans to operate SUSE as a stand-alone business unit after the transaction closes. If this transaction closes, then after closing, Attachmate Corporation anticipates no change to the relationship between the SUSE business and the openSUSE project as a result of this transaction.”

This could very well turn out to be not bad at all for openSUSE, maybe even good. Thanks for sharing.

Let’s hope that it’ll stay true when the deal closes.

It looks promising indeed. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they don’t pull an Oracle.

As previously announced by oldcpu’s post here in this older thread.

The future of the openSUSE relationship and presumably its facilities will relate to the success of the stand-alone business unit. Keep 'em crossed…

> "The openSUSE project is an important part of the SUSE business,”
> commented Jeff Hawn, chairman and CEO of Attachmate Corporation. “As

How about the Novell Unix license?

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The license stays with Novell.

Novell to retain UNIX copyrights - The H Open Source: News and Features which in turn quotes this Novell press release: Important Message from John Dragoon, Chief Marketing Officer where I quote this from that press release:

Novell will continue to own Novell’s UNIX copyrights following completion of the merger as a subsidiary of Attachmate.

Man-wai Chang wrote:

> How about the Novell Unix license?


Novell claims that the Unix copyrights are not part of the IP sale, so they
still own them.

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I am neither so sanguine, nor as optimistic, as other posters. I believe this is the beginning of the end. Although, the end can be traced back several years, this is the turning point.

You know, it hasn’t been all that long since Novell seemed like it was unbeatable - it was the networking version of the FF, or the Hulk, knowhadimean? Sheesh. Now they are about as much ‘down the tubes’ as you can get. Business model was all wrong for the long-term, as it turns out. Studebaker. Pontiac. Wang.

Well, they did give it the old college try. They did give it a good go.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but in the end the future of openSUSE is probably more in the hands of the community than of Attachmate and if the community is optimistic that is a very good reason to be optimistic.

Couldn’t agree more. Let’s focus on the things that are in our own hands.

My view exactly. openSUSE progresses because of the contributions of users. If users don’t contribute but instead they only complain and speculate about changes which are far beyond their abilility to influence, then the distribution will go no where.

Lets contribute and continue best we can, as we did in the past. Eventually next year the true state will become clear. Until then anything is IMHO pure conjector, and when its negative conjector it is most unhelpful and it (negative conjector in things we can not change) is also detrimental to the community given our reliance on community volunteers.

I agree too with jonh_hudson’s wisdom.

Business as usual for the community.

I don’t know anything about anything BUT
Wouldn’t it be possible to start a foundation for the OpenSUSE?
That would make it more sustainable for corporate turmoils.
I think money must enter the picture. I am sure many keen OpenSUSE users (like me) would be prepared to support cause yearly with some amount. Also it might be possible to get funds from corporations who use SUSE.

Just a thought.


You may wish to read the openSUSE news: openSUSE News - summary of board meeting from 15-Dec-2010

Work toward establishing a foundation is already underway.

It’s good to hear that this all is running that way. After hearing that Novell will be sold I was very scared and had some dark feelings about the future of openSUSE. But that messages make me feel much better about this.



It’s a good statement coming from CEO level,but I myself as a daily user of openSuSE at home and workplace I can have some doubts.Why?Because maybe I am from a country /romania where politicianns never ever respects any "programs " or promisses{finally they don’t sign any document in the election campaign ,so no need to respect something}.A big boss /CEO/CAN have a VISION/political mind /that is meaning he can LIE//99 %.
Sorry for this words but I am not born yesterday
I remember about Fedora project or Mandriva project.Fedora lost,Mandriva not yet but there are some signs about this.One of the great Linux distros without a commercial/owner/partner is Debian.In this case I can be sure Debian never will be abandoned.

About openSuSe,really I love a lot this distro ,having the filling “too manny combinations”/ it gives me a pain.

But maybe the interests and the gorgeous soul of the openSuSe community don’t let it down and openSuSE move on,go further ,better and better.

I hope !

Happy New Year and manny succeses openSuSE and Linux users!!!

Pushy/gigi/romania/ploiesti city