The future of Internet

There is a lot of talk and prediction regarding how the internet as we know it, will change.
Attempt to have user be displayed with real names were last seen with Blizzard and the integration of social websites.

One thing that strikes me mostly is, that in abundance of a real name with a real person behind it, people getting very insulting to each other and disregard any theoretical ethics.

I am not advocating anything really, but i observe and see chances coming in the future.
Policymakers around the world are looking more deeply into these matters to change the way we consume and interact within the internet.

For one reason i like to think, that if everyone uses his real name (just an example) people would be more willingly interact with each other more in a appropriate way.

There is of course the other side where one will loose the anonymity where you can hide your identity.

I am not sure what is better, but i think it will change. May it be in 20 or 50 years.
Or just in the next decade.

Thats why i think facebook is an early attempt to have people get used to it. The main purpose of facebook is, that everyone everywhere will know you. You can not hide what you are and what you do.

I mentioned in an earlier post that i feel like an outcast of web 2.0 and i am still not sure if i may join the bandwagon or just restrict myself to the new reality.

But, since this is a general chit chat, i post it for a discussion and to learn what everyone anywhere in the world thinks about it.

Take care

Spoken by yester64. Your real name, I assume? I the early days of the Internet, Usenet in particular, people were very open with their name and identity. But trolls and spammers took advantage of this, and now people posting on newsgroups in their real name actually seem bold, or naive.

lol… sure my real name.

There are some newsgroups still where people use their real names. Although in my mailbox years it was only pseudos. Fido was i think real names, as i remember.

Mostly from my observation it is forums and the comment section of blogs where it gets really rude sometimes.

All i am saying is, that i think that the internet will change.

and i agree, it certainly has changed in the last 15 years…like, here is a 1996 reference to

which was my real address/name then…which back before the filthy spammers learned how to harvest addresses from public discussion areas and turn them into money…

yes, the internet has and will change–just like cities, countries and societies change…

i do not now post an email address…though i seldom resort to using a “name” like ‘yesterXX’ or ‘paladium’… :wink:

In 20 years the internet will have evolved into a virtual world, an alternate reality. That’s wher you will go to work and where you will socialise, face to face with the rest of the planet, but with no need to go out in the rain. Of course, there will be some functions that will still require to be up close and personal, but not many.

swerdna wrote:
> there will be some functions that will still require to be up close
> and personal, but not many.

hooray for “some functions”!

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i wonder what those ‘some functions’ are? /)

Settle down you guys, I meant like voting for a new city council or attending Remembrance Day ceremonies … :wink:

Election ballots are mail-in here…

Currently, many sites especially email allow anyone to sign-up and due to verification troubles they ask for real names for sign-up but are often given false sign-up names and details instead. Use of ‘screen-names’ I think will always exist but I foresee an eventual move to forcing use of real names and details for sign-ups. Local University preaches to students to never sign-up with real names and details for anything Internet but then requires them to create an Internet account with verified info to get into their student system services. When they sign-up with the university, access is only granted after their new account has been verified by phone or student records for completeness. Law enforcement, & Courts are pushing for Internet ISP’s, web services, and the like to adopt a stronger stance.

What concern does law enforcement have in this? Making it easier to watch us?

I was kidding…

Exactly! Currently, biggest investigative troubles on identity thefts, child porn, MLM schemes, crimes against the young and elders on the Internet leaves them facing lots of dead ends. A child gets lured in a chat room, or an elder gets tricked by a spoofed site. the public becomes enraged that police can’t find the perpetrator. The police sometimes manage to determine the real name of a site owner, ISP and responsible party only to have jurisdiction issue’s,
credibility issue’s and court challenges.
There are arguments both for and against as with all things. We don’t live in a perfect and safe world.

Seen the movie Minority Report?

On Monday 16 August 2010 17:51, swerdna scribbled:

> In 20 years the internet will have evolved into a virtual world, an
> alternate reality. That’s wher you will go to work and where you will
> socialise, face to face with the rest of the planet, but with no need to
> go out in the rain. Of course, there will be some functions that will
> still require to be up close and personal, but not many.

Sounds horribly like Solaria!

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Sorry … never did see that one But… I recall an old movie ‘Colosus 1990’ about a computer so powerful it was housed in a mountain, connected to street side camera’s, military, and office computers and with surprising functionality and logic decided all humanity should be monitored, and managed by the computer. (An early glimse into Internet I suggest since at the time the movie was made there was no Internet.)
Of course we can also follow the ‘Terminator’ saga that suggests computers become self aware and through the Internet create a web based brain with no single core computer to fight that can eradicate the virus called Mankind. Or maybe ‘The matrix’ where Mankind is also eradicated and turned into a fuel source (a battery) to serve the computer.
Scary part is we find all sorts of ways to describe our end on this planet and keep finding science fiction keeps becoming science fact. Ummmm …

The future of the internet? There’s still something of the old magic about the WWW in this question. It will settle down in our way of life, like fire did, like electrical power did. No one will ask you whether electricity has a future, or what this future will be. Like we learned to use electrical equipment and fire to enlighten our lives, we will soon not know better than that the internet is there, like water from the tap.

I live in a country where 20 Mbps broadband is common, where kids grow up with the internet directly available, it “just comes out of the walls”. When they’re off line for more than a week (we found during off line holidays) they feel their world is much smaller than at home. They miss the internet more than TV already.

I don’t recall the details, but there was an experiment recently in which robots used lies and deception to gain their reward. This surprised the testers, they weren’t coded to be deceptive. For some reason this didn’t raise any alarms, but actually got some laughs in some places. We’re digging our own grave, aren’t we?

I see that we should be wary of the Internet begoming somewhat organic. But more to the point, who will protect the Internet when we all become completely dependent on it. ATM I believe there would be huge disruption in society if the terrorists brought the Net down right now, already we are hugely dependent on it.

Was it this movie? Colossus: The Forbin Project

i always hope someone wakes me up and everything is just a dream and i realize this not reality.