The following packages are going to be reinst ..never

After “zypper ref && zypper -v dup” - zypper says:

“The following packages are going to be reinstalled:
kde4-l10n-de kde4-l10n-de-data kde4-l10n-de-doc plasma-theme-aya yast2-sudo”

All packages are installed, all are in “noarch”, all cannot be downloaded.

If I download by hand and put them
zypper does not find them.

This is also after trying
zypper ref and
rpm --rebuilddb

This is after linux-2.6.31 upgrade on 2009-08-02

yast2 does not want to reinstall these packages, but when forced, yast also does not find the packages.

I’ve got the same thing, so it’s not just you.

KDE 4.3 releases today, and I don’t know how long it should take to package it, but I suppose the repo might be out of sorts in preparation…

I had this difficulties and other after distribution upgrade from 11.1 to factory. As it seems you have to manually rm all of /var/cache/zypp/raw/* to have fully functional repositories again.