The flag o is not known.

Trying to “Setting Up LXC Distribution Containers” / Procedure 32.1: Creating a Root File System using this “zypper -root /srv/suse ar OSS”, but it fails and I get this message:

“The flag o is not known.”

I don’t see using this flag in my command. What’s going on?

A missing - it’s two not one… zypper thinks your using the -r option.

Do you mean: … --ar …

Edit: Ooops… I see it, it was “–root”…

Thanks!.. :shame::slight_smile:

Please, next time post this is a more cocsise yet understandable way. Copy/paste prompt-command line, output lines and new prompt line between CODE tags (the # button above the post editor. That would have looked like:

boven:~ # zypper -root /srv/suse ar OSS
The flag o is not known.
boven:~ # 

When we can see exactly what you see helps enormous in understanding what your case is.

Okay thanks, will do.