The final touches of GNOME interface -> 3 questions

Good day, dear friends,

Recently I had to switch to OpenSuse as I have only linux licences for some software and planning to implement Opensuse Leap 15.2 with Gnome on few workstation laptops. But in order to do that, it would be nice to set the interface to look more better for the eyes of users, who see it for the first time:)
I managed to go deep in Linux Science for the last 2 months and managed to install and set up all software required (that was not easy, especially with Siemens NX :slight_smile: ), but there is something I can’t find solution for. I will highly appreciate your help in that:

  1. As I am using GNOME - how to adjust the font of top bar (it looks too bold and big. I know that in Ubuntu there is a conf file, but cant find it in OpenSuse)
  2. How to adjust the thickness of window name panel line?
  3. Is there any possibility to have any wallpaper on login screen

I tried to look everywhere, also there is nothing for that purpose in GNOME TWEAKS.

Thank you all in advance.

Check out the Gnome extension, “Activities Configurator”.

Thank you for the reply - I tried it, but unfortunately there is no any option to reduce or change the font.

The option to set the lock screen wallpaper is via either right-click desktop and change background (left is background, right is lock screen) or via settings -> background.

You might need to look at installing the user theme extension, find a theme and pop in ~/.themes and tweak that to your liking?

I think its a misunderstanding - lock screen is a lock screen, but I was talking about login screen, which usually comes after rebooting of system.

Ahh ok, have a look here, not tested as auto login on my desktop :wink: