The "effects on" default scared the hell out of me next day.

My laptop has a Radeon Hd 3200, well the updated Fglrx driver was released a few days ago so I naturally punch in the root pw and go back to work.

A day later the project is done, the laptop shut down and packed, next day, home, unpack, breakfast, dock laptop & power up,What the hell happened to my GUI?.it's wiggling...That window just BLEWUP!  What the #@$%%?!!?, then it dawns on me.

Wonder if theres something different about the video driver? DUHA... Found the effects enabled, I didn't even know SuSE did that, it's not really why I demand SuSE, always thought that eye candy was stupid and a waste of horse power. But you's still on, I got the horsepower now, kind of growing on me as a matter of fact I'm really starting to dig it you know, the desktop rotating cube thingy and the magic lamp thing and then that stuff blows up and then........

CFN7 wrote:
> always thought that eye candy was stupid and a waste of horse
> power. But you know…it’s still on,

heh! yep, 11.2 is absolutely not your grandpappy’s *nix!

so, you near 51°46’26"N 114°40’42"W or is your handle a fluke?

with the horses but no wiggling winders…

Work like this for a couple of months, then suddenly work on an XP machine for a day. That’s another experience :slight_smile:

Hi palldium

I’m @ 28 13’ 15"N 82 27’ 30" W, The handles my initials

I’m a Fluke! (not a DVM)
11.2 sure ain’t Gramp’s 'nix! I love it

>:) Just like walkin’ in with the livestock, always takes
awhile to get it off your boots.

But isn’t it great to get home to something that works with you.

ah, have a sunny day…

i often google such handles, and yours turned up lots of hits for an
airport in Canada…